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The team at Dulger Homes know that a house is more than the bricks and mortar, which hold it together. 

They appreciate and respect that a house is a family’s most important asset, that reflects the personalities and lifestyle of the people who call it home. Company Founder and Director Hasan Dulger and his highly skilled team are relentless in their commitment to creating a client’s dream home.

Hasan Dulger, who has more than 36 years of experience in the construction industry, from humble beginnings as a tiler, through to his experience as both a site supervisor and construction manager oversees every step of the building process.

He imparts these 36 years of experience onto everyone that will be involved in your new home build from sales to estimating and the construction team.

From the initial consultation to the moment when clients receive the keys to their new home, Hasan and his team treat every build as if they were creating a home for their own family, striving to make the process as collaborative and smooth as possible.

 They are happy to look at your land, assess your budget and recommend a design from the impressive Dulger Homes range. Once a design has been chosen, the Dulger homes team will spend time with each individual client to refine the floor plan ensuring the finished home is perfectly suited and personalised for each family’s needs.

“We want the design of every home to be perfect for individual families. Each one must be a masterpiece, of your own.”

“Once construction has started, we don’t want people to be sorry because they wanted a room bigger or a room in a different place.”

“We want to create the perfect home for each customer.”

Once a client is happy with the design, they will be sent to complete their colour selections. Dulger Homes has an impressive showroom from which customers can select products and view upgrade options.

Hasan loves the building industry and finds;
“The satisfaction gained from providing families with their dream home is what drives him each day”.

“When I finish a house and know that it will still be standing for a lifetime, that makes me happy. There is real joy in creating a beautiful home for a family.”

As a truly family-owned and operated business, Dulger Homes breaks the mold of the industry and aims to be a family company building homes for families.

Come and see what sets Dulger Homes apart from the rest.

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