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With the knowledge of what we want, where we want them, how big (or small) we want the spaces and most importantly why we want them we can start to create a few initial concepts and sketches of how things will be organised inside the home.

The hard work has already been done and now we need only work with bringing our ideas of the dream home to life, this in itself takes a few iterations to finally take shape, it’s similar to having to go out for an event and not knowing what to wear, you have already tried everything, twice, but nothing works so you give up have a drink or two then try again and you magically find the thing that works.

Architects go through this process for every design they come up with, it is simply part of the process, it might even give you solutions to a problem you never knew you had. This stage of the process is also the most exciting but also the most time consuming, you will be considering everything all at once so you will find that taking a step back and creating a list of what catches your eye in each design and what doesn’t, helps tremendously.

It also wouldn’t hurt to look at other designs and plans and pick what stands out and try to incorporate that in your own design, ultimately you are limited by your imagination and knowledge, so exposing yourself to the many different types of buildings and homes helps with this. Architecture and the building industry are constantly evolving due to innovations, new techniques, and new materials we also need to adapt to these changes positively.

In the end, it comes down to what the end game is, the purpose, the reason why the home should be built or what needs it serves. This usually influences how the process takes shape or how much time we invest, from one or two iterations of a design to a couple of months of back and forth with the architect or builder.

Here at Dulger Homes, we aim to match your enthusiasm and get you excited about the process as we aim to build your masterpiece, we understand what this means and will be with you from the initial contact to the first meeting and finally to the moment we give you the key.

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