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Create your dream double-storey home at Dulger Homes. We have a great range of beautiful two-storey house designs, with something for every family and budget. All of our houses are designed for the Australian lifestyle, and customisation options are always available. If you’re ready to get started on this amazing journey, we can help bring your vision to life.

Transform your lifestyle today with a new double-storey house from Dulger Homes.

Why Dulger Homes?

At Dulger Homes, we design and build houses that work for you. Our double-storey house plans can be customised, making them suitable for young couples, growing families, or downsizing retirees.

If you want a new double-storey modern house to call your own, contact our Melbourne office today.

Inspiring Designs

We create stunning two-story abodes across Melbourne. Everything we design is made to accommodate modern living, from open-plan spaces to luxurious bedrooms and alfresco dining areas.

Quality Construction

We work hard to streamline every aspect of your project. Our builders use quality materials, we have decades of experience, and we offer responsive service throughout the project.

Proven Results

When you partner with Dulger Homes, you’re working with a proven company. Our director, Hasan Dulger, has over 36 years of industry experience, including 15 years working in and around Melbourne.

Custom Solutions

Our architecturally designed double-storey homes feature flexible floor plans and customisation options. This attitude to personalisation is reflected in our customer service, with clients always given consideration and respect.

Learn More About Double Storey Homes

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a new two-storey house in Melbourne. We have an extensive range of double-storey designs in three separate collections. Our beautiful homes are designed for modern families, focusing on open-plan living, entertaining, and relaxation.

A double-storey building plan gives you room to stretch, unwind, and play. Whether you’re starting out on the property ladder or expanding with your growing family, we’re sure to have something special. Our double-storey homes are tailor-made for contemporary living with the people you love.

Review our massive range of 2-storey homes today. Create a unique home you and your family will enjoy for years.

Key Features of Double-Storey Homes

Our homes feature interwoven living and kitchen spaces, including large pantry areas for seamless family dining. Some have double-storey facades with balconies, some have dedicated alfresco areas, and others have five or six bedrooms.

At Dulger Homes, our double-storey homes have the following key features:

  • Modern Open Plan Living – Our double-storey homes have enough room for busy modern families.
  • Grand Master Bedrooms – All 2-storey homes feature large master bedrooms for relaxation.
  • Exquisite Kitchen Designs – As the heart of the home, large modern kitchens are central to our designs.
  • Outdoor Dining Options – Alfresco dining and entertaining areas are available on many 2-storey builds.
  • Large Light-Filled Windows – Our double-storey floor plans use large windows to flood your home with light.

Benefits of Double-Storey Homes

A double-storey home offers many advantages over a single-storey build. From additional living space to more bedrooms and bathrooms, these innovative designs provide easy living in a compact footprint. Depending on the size of your lot, 2 storey designs can also boost your usable outdoor space.

Double-storey homes from Dulger Homes offer the following benefits:

  • Large family living areas
  • Compact house footprint
  • More bedrooms and bathrooms
  • More room for outdoor spaces
  • Privacy and noise reduction
  • Better views and more windows

What Do You Need to Consider When Designing a Two-storey Residential Building?

Building a new double-storey home is an exciting time. Whether it’s your first house, a new family home, or an investment property, watching your vision come to life is something you’ll never forget. This process also requires deep consideration, however, and the following issues should always be addressed:

  • Choose a location that works for your lifestyle.
  • Make a realistic budget and timeline.
  • Consider home size and floor plan very carefully.
  • Find a company that specialises in two-storey builds.

At Dulger Homes, we have lots of stunning homes to choose from. We have single-storey homes, narrow-block homes, small homes, and 3-bedroom homes. From large home designs and narrow lot builds to small 2-bedroom house plans and designs, we can bring your dream home to life.

Browse our vast selection or contact our team to learn more.


What are the features of a two-storey house?
A double-storey home features two storeys connected by internal stairs. While many configurations are available, most floor plans feature living spaces on the bottom floor and bedrooms above.
What does a two-storey house look like?
A two-story home sits higher than a single-story design, providing more privacy and greater views over the neighborhood. Double-story designs from Dulger Homes reflect Melbourne’s unique architecture.
What are the advantages of a 2-storey house?
This type of design offers extra living space in a compact footprint. This leaves room for more bedrooms and bathrooms without sacrificing outdoor space.
What are the most common designs and floor plans for Dulger Homes’ two-storey houses?
Our two-storey designs vary widely. In a typical floor plan, living and kitchen spaces are located on the bottom floor, along with the garage, while bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the second floor.
What is the average construction timeline for a two-storey house by Dulger Homes?
Dulger Homes is a large company with a huge team of experienced builders. Thanks to our local knowledge and proven systems, we can finish a typical two-storey home in as little as six months.
What materials and construction techniques does Dulger Homes use for their
We use quality building materials during every phase of construction. We don’t believe in compromises and have relationships with respected local and global suppliers.
How does Dulger Homes ensure energy efficiency in their two storey homes?
Energy usage is a key focus for all Dulger Homes. We use energy-efficient materials, innovative cooling systems, and double-glazed windows to help lower your energy bills.
How much does it typically cost to build a two-storey house?
The cost of building a two-storey home varies considerably based on size, location, and inclusions. Houses in our two-storey collection begin from as little as $368K.
What are the benefits of choosing a two storey house over a single-storey one?
A double-storey house provides extra space in a more compact footprint compared to a one-storey abode. This leaves more room for bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, pantries, and other inclusions.
What are the typical challenges with building a two storey house?
Two-storey builds can present some challenges depending on the lot size and shape. Construction costs are generally higher, and time frames can also be longer in many situations.
How soon does the building process start?
Dulger Homes follows a proven construction process with a guaranteed site start. Once you sign the contract for your new home, we will begin building in 60 days. Terms and conditions apply.
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