Should I Knockdown Rebuild or Buy Land and Build New?

Building your new home is an exciting time! There are decisions for how your home will give you the lifestyle you’ve been waiting for, how you will reflect your personal style, and how your new home will make the most of your block.

This is where options come in. You may consider a Knockdown Rebuild or you might think about building in the new suburbs.

Whatever path you choose, here are some of the things you’ll need to think about when making your decision.

Knockdown Rebuild

As the name suggests, a Knockdown Rebuild is where your existing house is demolished to make way for your brand new custom home.

If you love the neighbourhood where you live and have settled into a lifestyle where your children enjoy their schools and your commute to work and weekend sport activities is under control, then a Knockdown Rebuild could be right for you.

By building on the block where you live, you have the benefit of being familiar with the orientation of your block. This allows you to work with your builder to design your home so indoor spaces best capture natural light and views from every room, and outdoor spaces catch the sun whilst being sheltered from the wind.

Another advantage of a Knockdown Rebuild is saving on stamp duty costs and potential land taxes.

You builder will work with you to ensure all planning and permit requirements are met for your new custom home, including any restrictions to where your new home will be built in relation to the boundary and neighbouring homes.

Buy Land and Build New

If you find the plans for your dream home can’t be accommodated on your current block of land, or if you’re looking for a completely new start, then building in the new suburbs is a great option.

Purchasing a new block of land in an area that appeals to you and your family has many advantages. Some of these benefits include the orientation of your new home’s site, the views the site offers, and the location of your home on the block.

If you’re opting for Build New, a House and Land package is a great option. There are many benefits with this choice because the land is often in a new estate, with brand new amenities and utilities. Some builders can offer these packages and provide you with many inclusions that may not otherwise be available.

If you’re considering a Knockdown Rebuild or Building New and would like some expert advice, we would love to hear from you. At Dulger Homes, we are committed to building you the home you dream of, and our experienced team are ready to start today. Contact us and let us see how we can build your brand new dream home.

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