What makes a house a home?

What makes a house a home?

The age-old question of how a home differs from a house has been around for longer than architecture has been a profession. There are many ways to go about attempting to answer the question unfortunately there are many answers and vary depending on the person the question is put to, the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ comes to mind as a result, the short answer is that it is subjective. Or is it?

I strongly believe there exists a process by which one can transform a house into a home, ever heard of ‘home is where the heart is?’, with that in mind the design or build of a home should start with its purpose; is it an investment, a forever-home or an in-between home. Each come with their own set of challenges and build requirements for example an investment would normally constitute practicality and functionality as opposed to high-end finishes and designer pieces. Most would even argue that unless you are making a certain amount for every dollar you spend it isn’t worth the splurge.

This isn’t just a problem just for investment properties either as in the case of a forever-home many people would justify the indulgence into Italian masonry, exotic fitting and statement pieces that make neighbours green with envy and friends gushing in awe, just to end up selling the property a few years down the line and move into an older run-down house that needs some work done to it but end up spending the rest of our lives in it because it has that unquantifiable spark.

That spark is what we should be trying to understand and use when designing a home, starting with a single focus and building onto it. For example, in the case of a large family personal privacy, centralised communal areas and flow or movement are the more important elements as opposed to having three or four living rooms, five or more bedrooms each with their own walk-in-robes and ensuite. This is not to say the idea of having a walk-in-robe and ensuite in every room should be avoided it should come after addressing the core principles of what the day-to-day function of the spaces will look like and where the majority of time will be spent and working your way back from there.

This is purposely left a little vague as what I think constitutes a dream home differs from what you might think, the difference accounts for personal preferences, upbringings, culture, education and experiences. The aim is to start a discussion and continuously evolve the idea of what makes a house a home, here at Dulger Homes we strive to build your masterpiece that is unique to you and your family.

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