Your Building Journey

Building a new home is an exciting time, from design to colour selections, but if you aren’t fully aware of the process, that excitement can be replaced with stress. Here at Dulger Homes, we like to keep it simple, with just 5 steps to building your masterpiece.

1. Initial consultation

The first appointment is great to get to know you as a person and how you and your family live. In the first appointment, we will collect the information we need to start to plan your home and begin your journey with Dulger Homes.

Once you have settled on the design and any standard options you are after we can put together a quote, this will include as much detail as we can for the items in your home.

We will give you some time to consider your new home quote and to look over it to see if anything needs to be added or removed. We will also arrange a fixed site cost for you so that by the time we get back in touch we have a more complete picture of what your masterpiece will look like.

Our highly trained consultants may suggest alterations and ideas that will help your new home building journey a smoother process. Take note of the suggestions, as our consultants deal with dozens of new homes every year and are experts in the industry. Their knowledge is invaluable to your new home journey and should not be ignored.

2. Deposit – the first step towards your masterpiece

The initial deposit is when things get exciting when building your new home. This is where we can draw your new home plans to your exact specification and needs. Your sales advisor will collect all necessary information from you to pass the files across to the office so that everything can be double-checked and be approved. Once this happens your new home can be drawn, colour selection booked and on titled lots we can order your soil report and feature survey.

you will receive a follow-up from the Dulger Homes head office as to the plan and booking of your colour selections.

3. Colour selections and final checks

Once you have your plans, you are ready to pick everything in your home, from bricks to roofing, floor tiles to benchtops. This can be an intense process, and Dulger Homes recommends that you get as many photos as possible of styles and products you like so that our qualified interior designers can help you create your masterpiece.

After you have completed your colour selections, we will add these to your design and send you all documentation to look over and check the compliance of your design with the developer (sometimes we will need to do this after the contract).

We will then sit with you for one final check and get ready for the contract. Make sure you have everything in order, and you have done everything possible to get the design 100% correct. Once the contract is issued, there may be additional fees to make changes.

4. Contract signing and permits

Once you have given final approval for your plans, colours selections and pricing we are ready for your new home contract. Dulger Homes will provide you with an HIA contract preview and give you as much time as you need to read through, ask any questions you have can be asked before the contract signing.

When your land titles, we will engage with a building surveyor to check compliance of your design with the building regulations of Victoria, and once we provide the needed information the surveyor will issue your building permit.

Once your permit is issued, we are ready to build

5. The build

Once Dulger homes receive the permits for your new home, we will reach out to you with the site supervisor’s details and all permit documentation. Make sure you save the permit documents as they are vital if you ever look to renovate, sell or make any modifications.

We will invite you to walk through your new home at the completion of each stage and give you a chance to watch your masterpiece come to fruition. Make sure you only visit with a Dulger Homes representative, as this protects you in relation to OH&S warranties.

Upon final completion, we will do one final walkthrough and complete a final list of items that need attention. From there Dulger Homes will complete the necessary work and get the home ready for you to move in.

Dulger Homes also offers a 3-month maintenance period to make sure that anything you miss on the final inspection, or if any other items need attention after you have used them can be fixed.

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