Frequently Asked Question

Q: I want a builder with long term experience, how long have you been in the building industry?

A: As a director ‘Hasan Dulger’ has over 36 industry experience and has been delivering dream homes in Melbourne for over 15 years, he imparts as much of this knowledge as possible to his whole team.

Q: Can we guarantee customer service and satisfaction?

A: All our staff come from the building industry. All our trades are licensed professionals. We have our architects double check not just the structure, but the functionality of the design. Our staff, from our consultants and office support have professional and academic credentials and experience. We strive to delight you with the building journey by assigning the right people in the right places.

Q: with so many builders out there, why choose Dulger Homes?

A: Our commitment to building beautiful homes stems from founder and Director ‘Hasan Dulger’s’ goal of building family homes he is proud to call his own. We see you as a person and not just a number and strive to personalize the service to your specific needs. But don’t just take our word for it, check our reviews out here.

Q: Do you have displays I can visit?

A: Of course, All our display locations are available on our page; DISPLAY LOCATIONS

Q: We have a home we want to knock down, can you help build our new home

A: Yes, we can help. We have consultants who specialize in knock down Re-build projects and their wealth of knowledge is crucial to a successful project, If you are looking to knock down your existing home get in touch with us and we will pass you to the consultant best suited to help.

Q: We have our own design; can you build it?

A: Generally no, however, we are happy to look at your design and let you know if we can help. You may also find if you get in touch we have a plan that you fall in love with.

Q: What is your customer support like during and after we have built with you?

A: We strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Our site supervisors will make time to answer any queries and meet you on-site to discuss any concerns. Once the home is complete, our maintenance manager will come and assess any issues you have and come to the best solution possible.

Q: I’ve heard a lot of bad things in the building industry, how can you make sure that doesn’t happen to me?

A: Process is an integral part of building. We are governed by the VBA ‘Victorian Building Authority’ and the HIA ‘Housing Industry Association’. we follow strict policies and procedures that go well above the Australian Standards. Along with our 7-year structural guarantee and our free 3-month maintenance period, you can be worry free knowing you are in highly capable hands. All our internal products come with manufacturer warranties, and all aspects of the build are performed by licensed trades.

We don’t just build your home for ‘today’ we build it for ‘life’. Checkout our customer reviews

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