What makes your home a ‘Dulger Home?’

What makes your home a ‘Dulger Home?’

With over 100,000 Registered building practitioners (Master builder data 2018) in just Victoria alone, it can seem like a maze navigating the different companies and finding the one that suits you best.

From offerings such as house and land packages and a savings plan to recently being able to design your home online. Many builders have what may seem to be an endless amount of marketing and products to try to find their target.

Dulger Homes likes to operate a little bit differently from most, but what makes it a Dulger Home?

  • Timber staircases,

This one is a common upgrade item with most builders (yes, some do this as standard, the majority does not).

We provide full KDHW (kiln Dried Hard Wood) Victorian ash timber stairs as standard.

Director Hasan Dulger will not drop his standard product to an MDF staircase that requires carpet and paint. He does not believe that it is of high enough quality or finish to put into one of his homes.

Staircases like this can often cost over $5,000 extra with other builders, with Dulger Homes, it is always standard.

  • MGP-10 Walls (yes all of them, not just the load-bearing ones),

“But I’m not a builder what does that mean?”

The difference between using MGP-10 and F7 timber relates to the strength of the timber. MGP-10 is a much stiffer and stronger grade of timber, and when building your masterpiece, we do not skimp on the materials.

Some other builders use the MGP-10 for only walls that carry loads (Roof or top floor) whereas Dulger Homes constructs the entire frame from the stronger timber.

While this is quite costly to us (F7 timber is about half the price) it speaks volumes about Hasan’s dedication to being a quality builder. At the end of the day, it’s your home, so why save a little bit of money and not get the best quality

  • No Performance Solutions,

A performance solution is a work-around for the normal building methods, these can range from the timber grades (as above) through to the size of the steel supports used.

These performance solutions are normally another way that builders cut corners to save a few $$ here and there, and although accepted by the building regulations and building surveyors is still a step down in the quality of your new home.

At Dulger Homes, the ONLY performance solution we have occurs when recycled water is provided in an estate, and the building regulations have not been updated to count this as a water/energy-saving initiative.

Hasan and the whole team at Dulger Homes strive to provide the quality that people expect in a new home. Although not all items can be seen, even the bones of your new home will be of the highest quality, no cheaper alternatives, no substitutions, just a quality home that you and your family will love for years to come.

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