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With the idea of what makes a house a home in the back of our minds we can move on to conceptualising the character of the home and yes homes have character, this can be referred to as the main feature, the selling point or the unique aspect of the home.

This is the easy part as it is pretty much sitting down and listing what you (and your family) prefer to have in a home and what you need in a home. After the list has been completed put it to the side and start thinking about space and how the home ‘flows’, this just means how the home will be used on a day-to-day level, which areas get used more, how many people occupy the different spaced and for how long.

This will directly translate to where the rooms are placed and how big or small they are, for example, a family with teenage children would opt for bigger bedrooms with bigger closets/walk-in-robes and possibly ensuites on the other hand a young family with younger children might require smaller rooms but larger living spaces, communal areas and possibly a home office to cater for the parents’ need to work from home (and look after the children), the larger living areas and communal spaces would allow the parents to host and entertain friends and family and not miss out on their social lives.

After considering the spaces and flow we can bring back the original list of wants and needs and work out what is feasible and what isn’t, this isn’t to say that you can’t have everything you want rather, think critically about it, instead of just a cinema room that rarely gets used why not an entertainment room with a bar that flows onto an alfresco and BBQ area that way the space can serve many uses and tick off a lot of boxes whilst adding value to the home.

With all that being said it is important to tie everything back to the core concept or idea of your home, the thing that draws you in and separates itself from other houses. Whether it is the fact the kitchen is the centre of the home or the master bedroom or the living spaces it’s important to pick one and work your way from there.

Here at Dulger Homes, we pride ourselves in building your masterpiece and will happily sit down and discuss the interior of the house and work out a few options and how best to go about creating your vision and making it a reality.

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