First Time Building? Here’s 5 Questions To Ask Your Builder.

There are a few decisions in life which will require huge emotional and financial investment, and building your very own home is one of them, especially when it is your first time.

Simultaneously exciting and nerve-racking, building your first home requires a few things, and perhaps the most important is establishing a trusting relationship with your builder from the very beginning.

Asking your builder about the fundamentals of your building project will give you confidence to embark on the journey. That’s why we’ve put together five questions to ask your builder before you begin your build. Here’s what you need to ask them

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  1. Do you have the correct Builder’s Contract License and Insurances?

We’ve put this question first for a reason – it’s crucial to understand your builder’s cover because if anything in the build goes awry, you can feel confident it will be rectified correctly and comprehensively.

First up, your builder should be registered with your local state’s appropriate body and have their own building license number. Then with regards to insurance, your builder should provide you with their current certificates of insurance to demonstrate that both you and they are covered for the entire duration of your building project. This includes public liability insurance, construction insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Additionally, your builder should have Home Owners Warranty eligibility, and issue you with your project’s specific certificate. This safeguards your home during the construction period and subsequent warranty period.

These policies protect you, your builder, and any employees against negligence, injury and any property damage that may occur.

  • Do you specialise in my type of building project?

If you’re looking to build a brand new family home, you’ll want your builder to understand the design and build aspects to keep all residents happy, and sane!

The best way to do this is to research – both online and in person. Researching the builder’s website and reviews will give you a great indication of what you can expect. And there’s nothing like seeing the work in real life. If your builder has a display home, it’s a solid indication that they are confident in their work. It also allows you to see what you can expect for your completed home.

  • What are your client’s past project experiences like? 

Understanding what your builder is like to deal with across your entire building journey is very important. Do you like what they build? How will they interact with you and provide updates?

Good builders will readily share their ways of working, as well as details on their finished homes with you, and you will soon feel confident about whether they align with what you want across every aspect of your building journey.

  • Do you share testimonials? And can I speak to your past clients and view the work? 

Asking your builder for a reference or testimonial is a great way to understand what you can expect from your home building experience.

From the initial designs to the completion and handover, hearing from your builder’s past clients will give you an understanding of what your home building experience will be like. As mentioned previously, building a new home is a significant emotional and financial investment. It’s not only about the finished product – it’s also how your builder engages you over the months it will take to design, construct, and finish your home.

If a builder seems to avoid sharing past experiences, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • What are your processes and values? 

Because you will be spending many months with your builder, it’s important you get along with one another! Like any working or personal relationship, sharing the same values and ensuring clear communication will help to make things enjoyable.

Find out whether your builder’s values align with yours, and whether their style of communication – online portal, phone calls, emails, and site visits – fits with what you need to give you confidence throughout your home building experience. Look on their website and then talk with them in person to make sure everything feels right for you.

At Dulger Homes, we put our client’s first so that we design and build your dream home. We will answer any questions you have as you explore building your first home. Contact us today to see how we can help you, and visit one of our ten beautiful display homes. We look forward to meeting you.

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